Manna and Mercy

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8. In Love, By Love, For Love

Summary: The Biblical creation story was written to counteract the Babylonian creation story which featured many gods fighting each other. Humans were slaves to the gods – very different than one God who creates out of love. Humans in the Babylonian story are born in violence, by violence, and for violence. But the Biblical story is creation is good; the deepest truth about our humanity is we are born in love, by love, and for love. Yet we also have the freedom not to love. Justice is how love is distributed; I can love others by seeking justice for them. Society is born in, by, and for justice – so we need to call it back to its original design and purpose. Which creation story do you believe in? Most movies in our dominant culture follow the Babylonian line: good characters use superior force to wipe out the bad ones, and then we all cheer. Which creation story determines the way we live our lives? Trust in force or trust in love? These are choices we need to make every day. There is one immoveable “still” point: God is Love. God cannot be anything other than loving. If scripture conflicts with this still point, I can learn from it but must not imitate it.

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