Manna and Mercy


Leader Guide for Six Week Adult Study of Manna and Mercy

Written by Pastor Mary Lindberg from Seattle, this leader’s guide divides up Manna and Mercy into six sessions, but you can extend or shorten it to fit your time frame. 

Manna & Mercy Curriculum for Elementary Children

Year-long curriculum written by Hanna Schock from First United Church in Birmingham, Alabama. 

Manna and Mercy Confirmation Curriculum

Pastor Joan Beck, formerly of Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Portland, OR, put together confirmation materials based on Dan's Manna and Mercy book.

SEEDS Manna and Mercy Pocket Guide for Youth

Put together by a small team of Methodist youth leaders as a companion guide for youth to Manna and Mercy. This book (or free PDF) will help the reader facilitate, for youth in religious settings, Manna and Mercy by Daniel Erlander and videos by Alan Storey found here on Very adaptable to other denominations and contexts.