Manna and Mercy

Youth Guide

Becca Griffin, a United Methodist youthly leader, writer, and artsy person from Cookeville, TN, along with part-time artist and full-time community organizer Grace McMullen, have put together the SEEDS Manna and Mercy Pocket Guide as a companion guide for youth to the book Manna and Mercy. This book will help the reader facilitate, for youth in religious settings, the book Manna and Mercy by Daniel Erlander and videos by Alan Storey found here on  

SEEDS (Strategic Encounters to Engage and Disciple Students) is a youth cooperative in Cookeville, TN, currently being used by the United Methodist Church, but not limited to that denomination and can be adapted to different contexts. Email for more information or to have this work adapted to your context. Visit to see how SEEDS could be planted in your place!

Download the free PDF Manna and Mercy Pocket Guide here

The pdf version is free, but if you want the physical book sent to you, the price is $10 at:

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