Manna and Mercy

Video Clip

41. Journey Through Acts - III

Summary: In Acts, chapter 8, Stephen dies saying  "Lord, don’t hold this sin against them," giving us a glimpse of how we might not only live like Jesus, but also die like Jesus, loving our enemies. Then we’re introduced to Saul, who was not only part of Stephen’s stoning, but persecuting followers of Jesus far and wide. Saul is first convicted by God and prevented from carrying out his mission of death, and then is converted by Ananias, who seeks out this persecutor in order to lay hands on him; God’s grace, forgiveness and mercy washes over Saul as his enemy reaches out to him. Barnabas goes even further, bringing the enemy to the underground church, and helps Saul-now-Paul experience the consequences of his sin that continued long after he had been forgiven, and begins work to heal the damage that Saul had done.  In Acts 11 we learn that it is in Antioch – a  community that welcomed in the enemy – where these people first became known as Christians.

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