Manna and Mercy

Video Clip

40. Journey Through Acts - II

Summary: Pentecost confronts the pyramid of power that God’s people studied in the Wilderness School. By the end of Acts 2, we see communities living out Wilderness School lessons as they generously share out of their gratitude for being washed by God’s Spirit of love. Manna and mercy is unfolding in the life of the early church. In chapters 3 and 4, a crippled beggar is recognized to be more than his label, and when his humanity is engaged, healing happens – not just private healing that enables him to walk, but public healing that helps him “claim space” to march into the temple – a place that has previously been “out of bounds” – to stand before the authorities.  In chapter 5 we understand that when we, like Ananias and Sapphira, pretend to be more generous than we are, we’re as good as dead.  In chapters 6-8, we see that Stephen is called, quickly arrested, and then stoned to death. To welcome the Holy Spirit’s activity in our lives may get us in trouble.  What laws exist today that might cause us to stand before the authorities and be arrested?

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