Manna and Mercy

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37. Is Jesus the Only Way?

Summary: What are we to do about John 14:6? (“I am the way, the truth and the life…”) Are all forgiven but only some can come to God? This passage has been used (abused) to bring a huge heartache to many. The context of this passage is the night before Jesus’ betrayal; he just washed the feet of his disciples. Peter asks where Jesus is going and Jesus tells Peter that he will betray him – but Peter should take heart because Jesus is going to prepare a (wonderful) place for him (despite his betrayal). Jesus’ disciples were afraid. He is telling them to stick to his way, the way of love and gentleness, and that he is coming back for them (and all of us). Jesus wasn’t speaking at an interfaith conference; he was speaking as a lover using the hyperbolic language of a lover. Jesus is answering the question, “how will we continue when you are not with us?” The way of Jesus is what we are called to follow.

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