Manna and Mercy

Video Clip

35. Why Did Jesus Die?

Summary: Jesus’ message of manna and mercy for all is threatening to the establishment. Jesus saw mercy being limited and people exploited at the Temple (church) and that made him angry. The “industry” of sacrifices was a mainstay of the Jerusalem economy and Jesus’ message and example threatened the entire status quo. It is important to recognize that the historical reasons Jesus died are different than theological explanations for it. “Atonement theory” proponents must ask the question: “What does it say about the character of God if God sent Jesus to die?” God is love – God can’t plan God’s own son’s death. God sent Jesus to love. Jesus loved loving more than anything else. The worst thing we can do to Jesus (crucifixion) does not change who he is. We can’t stop Jesus from loving us. On the cross, Jesus forgives the sin of the world – yesterday’s, today’s, and forever. Every person has been forgiven and we can share that good news!

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