Manna and Mercy

Video Clip

34. Manna For All - II

Summary: Jesus is clear that the role of his disciples is to make sure people have enough to eat. A boy decides to share his five loaves and two fish after Jesus instructs his disciples to feed a crowd of 5,000. We will never have “enough” to share but when we share a little, it becomes a lot. It enables others to share as well. When we are in smaller communities (rather than massive crowds), we can see the needs; they become personal. The other person has a name, a family. Our worldview often begins with scarcity; there is not enough, so we begin to hoard what we have. A Biblical worldview says there is more than enough – if we take only what we need, not according to our greed. The Biblical view of abundance is the true reality. At the Last Supper, Jesus tells us to “do this” (share) in his memory (Holy Communion). Psalm 24 tells us that “everything belongs to God” – it is our responsibility to see that everyone has a fair share. If some hoard resources, others will go without. Memory can enable generosity: when we remember others' generosity to us, we can do it ourselves. Holy Communion is the most radical economic policy and the most necessary one. The sharing of communion goes beyond bread and wine, it includes equal access to education, healthcare, and other human needs.

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