Manna and Mercy

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31. Eternal Life

Summary: When people get married, they do so for the present – rather than just to have someone to take care of them in future old age. That’s why we should follow Jesus – we don’t do it to get into heaven but because without following Jesus, our present life is not as meaningful. Following Jesus draws us into God’s dream for this world. We move from being in the image of God to becoming a likeness of God. Eternal life is new life now – something death cannot take away. It is life lived in gentleness, truth, and justice. To be “born again” is to live life in a loving way. We often become addicted to a way of life that is killing us – we are addicted to our sin. Jesus wants to give us life in all its fullness. The question isn’t “are you saved?” but rather how will you live as one who is already saved? The conversion moment isn’t achieving anything but rather accepting. Can we accept the reality of God’s love and grace for all peoples, the world? Death in the Bible is not whether we have a pulse or not but rather are we living life lovingly? When we do that, we are “born again.”

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