Manna and Mercy

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29. The Life of a Faithful Disciple

Summary: John the Baptizer comes out of the Wilderness School. His message is that we need to turn around – go in a new direction. He reads Isaiah and tries to embody that message. He speaks out against those in power; he ends up in prison and is beheaded at the request of a family member who doesn’t like John’s “meddling.” When we live to please others, somewhere along that line someone is going to lose their head. John knows his role is to be faithful, truthful regardless of the consequences. Herod later says Jesus is “John the Baptizer come back to life.” When we are faithful and live out that word – even in the face of the Powers, when we “lose our head” for truth, justice, love  - the promise is that Jesus will come after us and resurrect our life and ministry in the very presence of those who have taken it. Before God wants us to be happy, God wants us to be faithful. And when we are faithful, we are given true joy. For many of us, happiness has become our God – but we are called to be faithful as John the Baptist was.

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