Manna and Mercy

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26. The Virgin Birth

Summary: Mary was considered one of the outcasts. Her “betrothal” to Joseph was a negotiated arrangement between their families. It was much more than an “engagement” as defined today. When Mary got pregnant, Joseph probably thinks she’s either been unfaithful or she has been violated – and now she’s carrying the child of that rape. He decides to divorce her quietly to avoid shaming her. But Joseph is forgiving despite the injunction of Deuteronomy 22 which calls for the death penalty or a huge fine if the betrothed is impregnated. Mary’s life is at threat if other people react “biblically.” But Mary trusts that God wants that life within her to live – she is incredibly brave! All of us are “virgins” when it comes to birthing the divine – none of us can do it without the Holy Spirit. Sometimes when we “birth Jesus” the greatest enemies are those who have made the Bible their God.

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