Manna and Mercy

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13. Law as Gift

Summary: A liberated people has to decide how we are going to live. We want to make rules and laws so we don’t go back into the previous oppression. The 10 Commandments served as a Bill of Rights for the new constitution. The first command is really a reminder that God has set us free so these “commandments” are lived in response to that gift of grace/liberation. We don’t keep commandments to make us free or to make God love us – we keep them in response to God’s love. The Sabbath is a time to enjoy being enjoyed (by God). Sabbath means rest and remember. It is not just a day but a principle we should remember every day. All creation (the environment) needs a Sabbath as well to be rejuvenated. Every 50 years (Jubilee Year) we need to redistribute wealth/land so there isn’t such a large gap between those who have more and those with less. Jesus longs for this economy to be realized. When you forget this Sabbath principle, you re-enter bondage – this time Babylon rather than Egypt; you self-destruct.

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